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Authority: The Spectrum of Centralization

The non-binary concepts of "centralized" and "decentralized" entities are explored in this post. References to everyday life of the individual, corporate decision-making, central banking, and decentralization as it relates to cryptocurrencies are explored. There is a spectrum to these concepts, and conveying that understanding is its aim.

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Introduction to Bitcoin Mining

The term "mining" can generate a bit of confusion in the mind. Visions of extracting gold, silver, or some other precious metal directly from the Earth enter one's head. With Bitcoin mining, the incentive of being rewarded with Bitcoin, provides the utility of underpinning and securing the entire Bitcoin network. It enables the actual ability of Bitcoin to achieve consensus without a trusted central authority, and it is the greatest innovation provided by Bitcoin itself.

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Crypto Friendly Countries

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are popular and getting more popular by the second. As the spotlight begins to shine brighter we are starting to see countries around the world rush to get laws, regulations, and capital controls in place. Click here to learn more about those laws and regulations

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